7301910 Beckett Bio Filter for G pumps (Pump not included)

This Beckett biological pond filter is the perfect addition to your fountain, koi pond, small pond, waterscape, statuary, and other types of water displays. This filter is most compatible with Beckett’s pump models G210/G250 or G325/G355 . The biological media balls help grow beneficial bacteria to naturally balance your water feature. Your water display will be healthy as ever with this filter helping keep your pond clean and making the water look crystal clear. The bio filter is easy to place into your pond and just as easy to remove for cleaning. The filter is especially great for reducing clogged fountain nozzles. Keep your water display clear, healthy, and a beautiful look with the help of this filter.

  • Submersible Filter Without Pump Filtration System with Bio Media
  • Attach this biological filter to a fountain or pond pump to provide water filtration through included bio media
  • Easy to clean off by simply running water over the foam filters
  • The filter is best-suited filtering ponds up ranging from 350 to 700 gallons
  • The mechanical and biological filtration encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria for a naturally balanced pond making it safe for plants and fish
  • This filter is specifically designed for use with Beckett’s G210/G250 or G325/G355.
  • Pump NOT included.

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