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About Us

Beckett Corporation

Since 1948, Beckett Corporation has been a recognized leader in designing innovative and reliable pumps for HVAC/R, OEM markets and a range of submersible pump applications.

  • Condensate Pumps
  • OEM and Custom Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps

While designing and manufacturing pumps remain the core of our business, over the years, we have transformed to reach a broader range of customers and applications based on our years of proven experience and high-quality products.

Beckett pump applications: HVAC condensate pumps, submersible pumps and OEM pumps

HVAC/R Products

These products are most often found in conjunction with the following HVAC/R equipment: air conditioning systems, high-efficiency condensing furnaces, boilers, high-efficiency water heaters, refrigeration equipment, dehumidifiers, steam humidifiers, and others for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Small, medium, and large condensate pumps
  • Low-profile condensate pumps
  • Mini split condensate pumps
  • High-temperature condensate pumps
  • Plenum rated condensate pumps
  • Condensate overflow safety switches
  • Condensate evaporator pans.

Beckett HAVC/R Products are sold through major HVAC/R wholesale distributors and specialty supply houses.

OEM & Custom Pumps

Given our extensive range of core pump technologies and engineering expertise, Beckett serves a broad range of OEM applications providing pumps for:

  • Specialty HVAC applications
  • Computer room air conditioning equipment (CRAC)
  • Commercial and residential refrigeration equipment
  • Commercial and residential ice machines
  • Parts washers, tile and masonry saws, oil skimmers, evaporative cooling equipment, water features, and more

OEM & Custom Pump products include stock, semi-custom and custom pumps. These pumps include a wide range of submersible pumps, bottom intake pumps, tank pumps, plenum rated pumps, high-temperature pumps, low-profile pumps, and more.

Beckett’s experienced OEM team will partner with OEM customers early in the product development process to optimize the design, materials, quality and costs.

G535C submersible pump

Submersible Pumps

For over 75 years, Beckett has offered a wide range of submersible pumps and has earned customer loyalty for exceptional pump quality, performance and value.

  • Tile and masonry saws
  • Parts washers
  • Oil skimmers
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Ponds, fountains and water falls
  • Other general purpose submersible applications

Beckett submersible pumps are sold through leading online retailers, wholesale distributors and specialty supply houses.