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OEM Products FAQs


G pump models vary in motor size which relates to higher or lower lift and flow capabilities of the pump.

Absolutely. Since 1948, Beckett has built a proven track record for producing high-quality pumps known for reliability, long-term durability, quiet operation, and great overall value.

Given our extensive range of core pump technologies, Beckett serves a broad range of OEM applications providing pumps for specialty HVAC/R applications, computer room air conditioning equipment (CRAC), commercial and residential refrigeration equipment, commercial and residential ice machines, tile and masonry saws, parts washers, oil skimmers, hydroponics equipment, evaporative cooling equipment, water features and others.

Since 1948, our company culture has been built around a constant focus on cost reduction and continuous improvement. We encourage our customers to engage us early in the development process to explore key factors that can impact cost, improve quality and shorten time to market.

No. Beckett offers a range of pump products including stock, semi-custom, and custom pumps. These pumps include a wide range of submersible pumps, bottom intake pumps, and a range of condensate pumps (i.e. plenum-rated pumps, high-temperature pumps, low-profile pumps, and more). The product used is typically driven by the application, performance requirements, and price points specified by the OEM.

Beckett offers a wide range of stock pump technologies making semi-custom and custom pump solutions more affordable for OEM customers. In addition, Beckett can assist with control switches, sensors and integration with other PCB control systems.

Yes. Our experienced engineering team can help expedite design, testing, tooling, production, and stocking to meet your requirements and timeline. In many cases, we are engaged early in the development process because of the value we can provide.

Beckett manufactures the majority of our own products and only outsources certain components. This approach ensures a more reliable supply chain, lower tooling costs, faster cycle times, greater quality control, and overall greater flexibility to meet your needs.

Yes. In cases where custom tooling is needed, Beckett offers more affordable tooling and shorter lead times to help keep costs down.

Yes. Beckett offers an extensive range of testing capabilities as part of our product development process. This includes performance, reliability, and life testing, as well as others based on OEM requirements.

Beckett understands the need for speed and flexibility. Our in-house capabilities shorten cycle times and lead times to give our OEM customers another advantage when it comes to time to market.

Yes. Virtually all Beckett stock pumps are UL and/or CSA listed. We have dedicated staff to work with various national and international agencies to get products listed/approved (UL, CSA, CE, TUV, NOM and others).

Beckett has extensive experience working with OEMs. In most cases, NDAs and confidentiality agreements are in place to protect the interests of both our OEM customers and Beckett.