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HVAC Products FAQs


Yes, less water will flow through a hose that is smaller diameter.

A general rule of thumb for friction loss in small tubing is 6″ of head loss per 10′ of horizontal run. We recommend you consult a certified plumber or HVAC professional for specific recommendations.

All Beckett pumps with a plug are UL/UR certified for use with the plug for your safety. Removing the plug voids all warranties along with any product liability.

Use clear (i.e. white) household vinegar for cleaning.

We recommend 2 or 3 times each year to check for any debris that might be clogging the check valve, tank or intake reservoir.

Yes, see links to download manuals located on the product page for each model on our web site. Additionally, you can download manuals from the HVAC Resources page.

No. Salt water will rust the magnet rotor of the pump. Using Beckett pumps in salt water will void the product warranty.

Most safety switches are wired into a low voltage thermostat to shut down the HVAC system that produces the condensate. This safety switch activates when high water is detected. The Beckett 1502C & 1502UR max voltage rating is 250 volts, 1502S max voltage is 24 volts.

No, the safety switch on condensate pumps are meant to shut down the HVAC equipment if it detects a high water level. The safety switch is not connected to the pump motor in any way and will not affect its performance.

The Beckett 1502UR is rated as a limit control safety switch intended to shut down HVAC equipment when high water is detected. It is not rated as a main operating switch connected directly to a pump. An Beckett IPC13A pump would be the closest solution to an application requiring a submersible pump controlled by a switch.

It depends on your local building codes. Overflow safety switches are strongly recommended to help avoid water damage due to plugged condensate drain lines or other issues. A secondary drain pan safety switch is typically required if there’s living space below the HVAC system. Additionally, you should always consult a local HVAC contractor who is familiar with your local building codes and requirements.

They are typically connected to the thermostat power line so when the safety switch is activated it cuts the power to the HVAC system to minimize water damage. Additionally, you should always consult a local HVAC contractor who is familiar with your local building codes and requirements.

All safety switches are rated by UL and have different electrical ratings. The electrical ratings can be found on the switch, packaging, and in the owner’s manual. Switches should only be installed as long as the application does not exceed its electrical rating. Additionally, you should always consult a local HVAC contractor who is familiar with your local building codes and requirements.

This is typically application-specific and related to how the pump is plumbed and/or vented. You should consult a local HVAC contractor on local building codes and application-specific questions.

Because of the wide range and type of mini split HVAC systems, wiring, installation, and color-coding questions are application specific. It’s often best to consult a local HVAC contractor for assistance with your mini split installation. Additionally, the technical support staff of the mini split manufacturer is best suited to handle wiring or installation-related questions. Note Beckett Customer Support Representatives are not licensed HVAC contractors and have limited technical/application expertise beyond Beckett products, especially technical questions related to specific mini split makes and models.

Yes, all Beckett condensate pumps are designed to handle acidic condensate produced by high-efficiency condensing furnaces, boilers, and instant water heaters. Depending on local building codes, this acidic condensate is corrosive and may require treatment or neutralization before being passed into a drain or sewer line.

Yes, the Beckett CL201ULP, CB501ULHTSP, CB502ULHTSP, CB504ULHTSP, CP651ULHTSP and the CP654ULHTSP are all UL 2043 Plenum Rated condensate pumps, meaning compliant with “Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products and Their Accessories Installed in Air-handling Spaces.”

Beckett sells HVAC products to contractors through a network wholesale distributors, specialty HVAC supply houses and a handful of online retailers like Amazon, HomeDepot and Lowe’s. We recommend you always consult a certified HVAC or plumbing professional for troubleshooting, installations and repairs.