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The A-Z Guide to High-Temperature Condensate Pumps

As we approach the colder months of the year, condensate pumps designed for high-temperature and plenum rated applications become more common in certain regions of the U.S. This article provides a quick overview of the topic and the relevant high-temperature condensate pump products offered by Beckett Corporation.

What is a high-temperature condensate removal pump?

High-temperature condensate pumps are used to automatically collect, move, and direct the flow of high-temperature (150° – 212°F) condensate produced by HVAC equipment when gravity drainage is not possible or practical. Beckett condensate pumps include a float switch mechanism that automatically starts and stops the pump.

Condensate pumps automatically remove condensate from a range of HVAC/R equipment:  air conditioner evaporator coils, refrigeration evaporator coils, high-efficiency condensing furnaces, dehumidifiers, steam humidifiers, and condensing boilers. Beckett high-temperature condensate pumps are not designed for use with steam condensate boilers over 212°F (100°C).

Where are high-temperature condensate pumps typically used?

  • Boiler applications (i.e. radiant heat)
  • Steam humidifier applications (i.e. Aprilaire, Honeywell, GeneralAire)
  • High-efficiency condensing furnaces
  • High-efficiency water heaters

Depending on the size and application, high-temperature condensate pumps are used in residential and commercial applications.

Why are certain pumps suitable for high-temperature or plenum applications?

  • Unlike most condensate pumps, high-temperature pumps are manufactured with materials and components specifically suited for operation with high-temperature condensate (typically 190°-212°F).
  • Similar to high-temperature pumps, plenum rated condensate pumps are manufactured with special materials that meet the UL 2043 standard for “Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products and their Accessories Installed in Air-handling Spaces.”
  • Beckett offers standard condensate pumps rated for condensate temperatures up to 150°F, plus, high-temperature and plenum rated condensate pumps rated for temperatures up to 212°F.
  • Depending on your application, it’s always recommended to carefully select the pump model that meets your needs in terms of maximum lift (shutoff), tank size, flow (GPH) capacity, voltage requirements, maximum condensate temperature, and plenum rating (if applicable).

Beckett’s CL20, CB25, CB50, and CP65 Condensate Pump Series offer models rated for high-temperature applications up to 212°F (100°C). With models also designed for plenum applications, these pumps are ideal for boiler and steam humidifier applications. Beckett’s larger pumps can handle a higher flow (GPH) and increased lift/shutoff (i.e. up to 65’) versus competitive products.

Beckett high-temperature condensate pumps

Features & Benefits of Beckett High-Temperature and Plenum Rated Pumps

  • Maximum Lift (Shutoff): 20’-65’
  • Flow @ 1 ft: 145-476 GPH
  • Collection tank capacity: 0.85 – 1 gallon
  • Designed for use with boilers, steam humidifiers and other HVAC equipment
  • UL/CUL Listed – All models
  • Plenum models are UL 2043 rated and designed for high-temperature water
  • Stainless steel motor shaft for increased durability in demanding conditions
  • CL20 models are low-profile and ideally suited for constrained/small spaces
  • High-temp models are rated for water temperatures up to 190°F or 212°F
  • Maximizes HVAC system performance and safety
  • Designed for easy installation and years of reliable operation

Beckett High-Temperature Condensate Pump Models

  • CL202ULHT – Low profile, 190°F max water temp, 20’ max lift, .085 gal tank
  • CB251ULHT – 190°F max water temp, 25’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 115V
  • CB252ULHT – 190°F max water temp, 25’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 230V
  • CB501ULHTS – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 115V
  • CB502ULHTS – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 230V
  • CB504ULHTS – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 460V
  • CP651ULHTS – 212°F max water temp, 65’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 115V
  • CP654ULHTS – 212°F max water temp, 65’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 460V

Note: All high-temperature models include an overflow safety switch.

Beckett Plenum Rated Condensate Pump Models

  • CL201ULP – Low profile, 150°F max water temp, 20’ max lift, 0.85 gal tank, 115V
  • CB501ULHTSP – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 115V
  • CB502ULHTSP – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 230V
  • CB504ULHTSP – 212°F max water temp, 50’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 460V
  • CP651ULHTSP – 212°F max water temp, 65’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 115V
  • CP654ULHTSP – 212°F max water temp, 65’ max lift, 1 gal tank, 460V

Note: All plenum rated models include an overflow safety switch.

Beckett pump selection guide

Download Beckett Condensate Pump Selection Guide

Installation and Application Warnings

This equipment should only be installed and serviced by technically qualified personnel who are familiar with the correct selection and use of appropriate tools, equipment, and procedures. Failure to comply with national and local electrical and plumbing codes and within Beckett Corp recommendations may result in electrical shock or fire hazard, unsatisfactory performance, or equipment failure. Know the product’s application, limitations, and potential hazards. Read and follow instructions carefully to avoid injury and property damage. Do not disassemble or repair unit unless specifically described in the Beckett user manual for your specific model.

For more information on Beckett Condensate pumps, view our condensate pump catalog or contact us.

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