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How to Size and Choose a Condensate Pump

Looking to properly size and choose a condensate pump for your HVAC system? If so, keep reading this informative guide, where we’ll cover all the key elements for most applications. A condensate pump is a specific type of pump used to automatically collect, move and direct the flow of HVAC condensate when gravity drainage is […]

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Basic Condensate Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Depending on your climate and application, most condensate pumps will require routine maintenance or periodic troubleshooting to ensure reliable operation. This article is intended to cover the maintenance basics for the Beckett BK17 and BK22 Series of Condensate Pumps. Condensate Pump Maintenance All Beckett condensate pumps are carefully tested prior to shipment to insure long, […]

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5 Easy Steps for Replacing Beckett Condensate Pump

In some cases, replacing condensate pumps can be simple and easy. However, do not oversimplify the complexity of HVAC systems and the potential risks. All condensate pump applications vary and a technically qualified HVAC professional should be consulted to avoid electrical shock, fire hazard, unsatisfactory performance, equipment failure, personal injury, or property damage. Key Takeaways […]

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