Condensate Pumps

What is a condensate Pump?

A condensate pump is designed to collect and pump condensation from sources like HVAC systems, air conditioners, consenting furnaces, refrigerators and other cooling appliances. The condensate pump is designed in a way to detect an increase of condensed water level, pump and discharge the water through a pipe to a safe water collection area or waste drain. 

Major parts of a Condensate Pump

Major Parts of a Condensate Pump

How Does A Condensate Pump work? 

The pump has a main float switch that activates the pump when the water reaches a preset level inside the pump reservoir. The pump will turn off when the water level decreases. Some pumps also feature a safety switch that can be wired to the condensate source to automatically shut it off in case of a blocked discharge line pump failure. 

Top Condensate Pumps From Beckett 

Beckett is the industry leader in condensate wastewater removal. We manufacture a complete list of condensate removal pumps for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications. 

See below for a complete list of our best condensate pumps. 



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