IPC13A In Pan Condensate Pump, 115V, 12 Foot Max Lift

Beckett’s IPC13A is a totally submersible pump with a built-in, hermetically sealed, pressure activated switch. The pump operates automatically when the water level reaches approximately 1.7 in. and turns off at 0.9 in. Because it is totally submersible this pump may be used in ANY application where automatic control and dependability are required. The compact size, along with high lift and quiet operation makes the IPC13A well suited for a whole range of consumer and O.E.M. requirements, including condensation removal.

  • Pump is rated 115V, 60 Hz, 55 Watts
  • 12 ft. max lift
  • Flow rate of 80 gph @ 1′
  • Safety switch is NOT included

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